Unsurprisingly, the amount of pictures of John Finnemore on the internet is not, in fact, endless. So this blog has made the decision — in the interests of continuing humor in the vein that our lovely followers are accustomed to — to expand to the more general title of "Terrible Drawings of British Actors." 

Cumberbatch, Hiddleston, McAvoy, and many, many others to come. Feel free to send us requests!

In the spirit of this blog’s humble beginnings, if any new pictures of John Finnemore surface on the internet they will always take priority and will be drawn terribly and posted for your enjoyment in short order.

So, with that: onwards and upwards! We still have no fucking idea why this blog exists and why it’s so fun to post these drawings on the internet, but as long as we have followers who get even the tiniest hint of pleasure out of our derp, we will persevere. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. <3