Quick announcement!

Alright, so it seems that someone has stolen a lot of our more popular pictures and posted them on Imgur claiming they’re theirs. It’s really not a big deal because we do this for a laugh, but when stuff like this happens— I don’t know. I don’t know how to prevent it. Putting giant watermarks all over our posts would ruin the fun, I think— they’re awful drawings, they’re meant to be comedic, and I genuinely don’t understand when people take them and repost them as their own. It makes running the blog a bit disheartening, since we’ve put a lot of work into this for almost a year now. If you see it, either report it or call it out or simply don’t reblog/repost, because that’ll just encourage them to do it more. If you’re that great fans of us, send us an ask, we’ll draw whatever you want us to. But don’t steal. Because that is dumb and kind of sad.  

edit: woooo they took it down thanks for your help guys C: