Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my own drawings? 

Not at the moment, we’re sorry! We might open the blog up to submissions in the future, though.

Please would you draw _____?!

Why certainly! Our request box is currently open, so feel free to send us an ask with any movie/actor/scene/whatever you’d like us to draw!

I didn’t know _____ was British/But they’re not British!

Don’t worry, we won’t accidentally draw someone who doesn’t belong on this blog! Strictly speaking, “British” is anyone from the island of Great Britain, meaning England, Scotland and Wales. On occasion you may see an actor from Northern Ireland, as we bend the rules and include anyone from the United Kingdom. The only way you’ll see non-UKers is when they’re in the picture with an actual Brit. If you’re wondering why we put, for example, an American on the blog, it’s probably because they’re not actually American. We’re looking at you, Christian Bale. 

But you weren’t always Terrible Drawings of British Actors.

That’s right, we weren’t! The blog was initially called Terrible Drawings of John Finnemore. We kind of wish it still was, but more on that here. 

** Why are you posting so infrequently now?

Okay, I admit, no one’s actually asked but I still feel like I should explain. Generally— with a few exceptions here and there, because we are human and we are sometimes busy— TDoBA likes to post once every day. Let’s be real, it’s not a particularly strenuous blog to run. The longest part is usually picking who to draw. However, until about the middle of May, both mods will be studying outside our home countries, and until we have a better feel for what our schedules will be like, we’ve switched to an every-other-day schedule. When we go off that schedule, there may be bigger gaps between posts as well. We’re just not sure yet, but assume that’s the case for now! You don’t want us to post unfunny terrible drawings, do you?